A special message from Cook Giuseppe to his Dad!

We received a message from Giuseppe, the cook, to his dad! Giuseppes Dad does not have email but we know he reads the Fairtransport news regularly!

Hi Super Dad of mine, too long time i don’t speak to you.
I am very well, I work a lot but the ocean gives me back a lot of energy therefore I can focus. I had a hectic time in Republica Dominicana, I had to deal with the craziness of the ‘System’ that rules the Custom over there, all in Spanish. It was a fun and in some situations really surreal and adrenalinic experience. I am sorry I couldn’t call you from over there, my phone wouldn’t find any coverage….please tell the ladies from the Post Office they could work out an agreement with the Dominican phone companies. I will be able to call you from Azores so be patient. I am a little tired but as you always say ‘hard games are for hard people’. I miss you and the rest of the tribe, I hope this lines of mine find you in shape and roaring as usual. Today I prepared cous-cous for lunch so i could find this little time to drop you a line.
It’s weird to think that we are on the way back, it all seems like it started yesterday.
Love you, talk soon.

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