A feast for life, nature and fair shipping – by Lammert

DATE:16-04  GMT:22.22  POS:43.03  N,24.16 W COG:30  SOG:8






SEA STATE:moderate ( nice swell)




Arquipelago Dos Acores !!

It has been one month since we left the Republica Dominica on the thirteenth with a new moon. After being twenty four days at sea with only waves and wind, sometimes dolphins or a whale, we saw an island appearing out of the ocean surface. Looking at her beauty we all agreed;
¨Green is a nice colour !!!¨.  After staying six days on the beautiful island Faial and a short visit to Sao Jorge, we departed again with a new moon and again on the thirteenth of the month. This time with a scenery which filled all of us with awe. The volcanic islands, especially the top of Pico, rising out of the ocean like gods of fertility. Enormous monsters of beauty exploded from underneath the ocean floor, to meet the bright rays of sunlight from above… And when time passed by, they have become a real paradise of life.

Everybody of the crew and trainees did enjoy our time on this natural treasure in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
The people living here are friendly and helpful. There is a good interaction between the visitors and the local people.
In the old days a lot of sailing ships made a stop at the Acores for provisioning, this tradition is still very alive today.
Nowadays it´s mostly yachts or sail training ships. Tres Hombres is the first sailing cargo ship again, to stop here since a long time.
Over here we have a lot of support from the local people and we made some really good friends. Paula Luis was a big help again this time, also Norberto (¨King of the Acores¨) made a great effort in helping us.
We did a whale watching tour, saw a bleu whale and some fin whales. With a very old (thus sustainable) car we made a trip around the island,
and some of us went horse riding trough the beautiful landscapes.
As a sailor in Horta, it is a must to drink a beer in the famous ¨Peter Sport Bar¨. It is the most well known sailors bar in the northern Atlantic.
And off course it is not possible to leave Horta, without making a signature of the good ship Tres Hombres on the colorful harbor wall. We left again a nice painting as a memory of our visit. Some  sailors even say it brings bad luck not to make one. Yet, Another sailors superstition brought to life……

For our food supplies we went directly to the organic farmers. It is very nice to do shopping by walking on the land instead of being in the supermarket.
With the farmers we talked about possible precious products which can be shipped from or to the islands by sailing ship.
The soil on the Acores is very fertile and  capable of producing abundant vegetation and crops. The islands could be able to produce their own food supply, for if it was not the case that the government decided to ¨overpopulate¨ the islands with cows instead.
My opinion; There is a lot of unnecessary shipping of diary and meat products from the islands to the mainland and vegetables
and fruit vice versa. Fortunately more and more start to realise this, hence there are more people starting organic farming, which is a good way forward to become self sustainable. Hail to the slow revolution of living with nature !!

Tuna is a fish a lot of people like to eat. Like coffee,tea, cacao or wine,also tuna we have to import to the northern part of Europe.
Last year we took some canned tuna from Sao Jorge, named ¨Santa Catarina¨. This is a canned tuna, wherefore they only use tuna which is caught by the method of ¨Pole and Line¨ fishing. This way of fishing should be stimulated, so our children´s children and so on, can still enjoy eating this fish. The Santa Catarina factory is a great social help and income for the people from the island. This time we sailed to the island of Sao Jorge and visited the factory. Antonio Almeida, who is the manager of Santa Catarina, was our guide. He told us, they are proud their product is being shipped with Tres Hombres. At the moment we carry four thousand cans of carefully prepared canned sustainable tuna in the belly of Tres Hombres.
This is a tuna you should enjoy on special occasions, with, for example, a glass of  biodynamic wine.

We brought also some other products in small amounts; Pico wine, Cha, Nêveda (green) Tea and Honey. ( It´s not only cows, but there are also an
overwhelming amount of bees on the islands, and so flowers).

All together we had good time on the Acores. Made contacts with the local communities and stimulate each other.
Many Thanks to everybody involved and especially a big thanks Paula and Norberto. See you all next time!!!
NB. Let´s make the idea of building a sailing cargo ship in the Acores happen as soon as possible. Spread the word, start the fire!!!

Right now Tres Hombres is completely loaded and we are on our way to the continent, eager to bring the products on the market and share our adventures of shipping by sail and tell the stories about the products and their producers. Hope to see you all in Falmouth or Amsterdam, where we are going to unload the cargo and organising a feast for life, nature and fair shipping.

While I am writing this, we are sailing on the Atlantic with a bleu and sunny sky, a couple of friendly white clouds and a fresh west-northwesterly flow of air.
Tres Hombres is moving with an average of nine knots through the never ending ocean swell.
So right now I will close this computer…  and go and play outside!

All the best wishes to you all from the Tres Hombres crew.


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