6.5 motnhs sailing

5.5 months Sailing

Learn the ropes, join our crew sailing to the Carribean and back. Sailing with a hold of Tres Hombres rum to France, reload the vessel with wine and then to collect new rum in the Canary islands. You’ll see dolphins, whales and learn the ropes, sails and to navigate Tres Hombres. A journey which will change your life..

Sign on in Den Helder 1st of October 2015

9936 Nautical Miles

bookingnr E1-3


Be quick

Boca Chica to Amsterdam

Boca Chica to Amsterdam

Help filling the cargo hold with barrels of Rum, Cocoabeans, Molasse. After that you’ll set sail to the Acores, England and the Netherlands to end up in Amsterdam! A true adventure sailing cargo over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sign on at the 3rd of January 2016

5008 Nautical Miles

bookingnr nr E3

Sail Along

Madeira to Boca Chica

Madeira to Boca Chica

Sail towards the Carribean starting at Madeira, the island of flowers to Boca Chica in de Carib. starting the 5th of May 2015 you will be on you way for the next 2 months.

Sign on at May 15th 2015

2071 Nautical Miles

booknr E2a

Join the crew

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