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‘-Tres Hombres i una chica¡-

There is a bit less wind power for the moment, tide isn’t all the time with us but lucky there is a lot of girlpower instead: our captain Fieke and our bosun Signe for example. Who said anything about a woman on board…?

We headed a few times to England again, but the longing French coast brings us back on track.
The short sleeps (4 hours)and wakes (4 hours)are starting to feel as the rocking boat, the bunk sleep becomes an experience even scouting-youngsters cant tip. The crew is entertaining with the Caribbean,Bermuda Triangle stories and the loveletters they spell to each other in Danish and DutchEnglish. The big question on board: IS BELGIAN GOING TO PLAY AGAINST HOllAND? Who won their game in Belgium government-wise?

We`re nearly dropping of the fine wine..

Jitske, Trainee

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