A short message from Tres Hombres..

DATE: 03-11-14 GMT: 11-00 POS: 48-47.7 N, 005-09.3 W COG: 191 SOG: 4.1

GENERAL SYNOPSIS: ON BOARD THE TRES HOMBRES, WIND DIR: WSW, WIND SPD: 15-20 knots, CLOUDS: 2/8, SEA STATE: 1,5 to 2m , Westerly swell, SEA TEMP: 15,1 C, AIR PRES: 994 hPa

We are approaching the point of brittany and Ushant island from the North and hope to pass on this tack. The bay of Douarnenez is closer and closer. We have sunny weather and wet deck.

Greetings, Rémi.

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