Hello Tres Hombres crew, trainees, back-office and other supporters,

I would like to say that this trip from Scotland to Den Helder by way of Great Yarmouth was one of the most special experiences of my life, both on shore and at sea.
Thanks everybody on board for the good company we kept. (And special thanks to Wessel for the excellent three course meals with which he gladdened our hearts and stomachs at least twice a day.)

I just had a look at the latest pictures of Tres Hombres being serviced in Den Helder. It looks like hard work. I see that Signe and Amori (excuse my phonetic spelling) are stil giving her (the ship I mean) all their loving care.

The pictures I took during the voyage and on shore can be seen by following these links:

  • Tres Hombres in Eyemouth Click here
  • Tres Hombres from Eyemouth to Great Yarmouth (Maritime Festival2014) Click here
  • Tres Hombres in Great Yarmouth, Some Sights of the Town Click here
  • TresHombres from Great Yarmouth to Den Helder Click here

If anybody would like to have pictures in better quality (or different ones, as I took more than these), just let me know.

Best wishes,

Lex Touber

You may also share the links with other people that might be interested, but whose addresses I don’t have.

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