We are still seeking CAULKING IRONS!

At this moment we do not have even 1 complete set. Tobi found a metalplate to fasion some irons out of for flattening the hemp between the new planks, he also restored an older caulking hammer, in a state of the art style…
Work in progress on different parts of the ship:
Harry and Isaac are hammering the deck at the stern of the ship, the caulking comes in sight –
the new deckhouse is gonna have a massive strong top, Greg and Liberty are doing a tremendous job on that one –
the open wound in the aft of the portside has found new healing hands, thx to Nico and Dan –
Jonas jams in new planks on the starboard side, but from a pontoon laying besides the Nordlys!!! –
Jedna and Sander just put in the first step of the new ladder for the new deckhouse –
and Zweitse is preparing the chosen spot to build the huge iron mastfoot for the main mast…
We have now a rigging team and Sam Hilgartner will coordinate the rigging jobs as the to do list grows every day
(one job, for example, is to turn 26 dead eyes on the lathe)
Ron is already on the Lathe and Christian constructs the workhorses to be used for the spar shaping.
Jeroen W, volunteer on the Nordlys IV

SBaft.JPG oudenaamb.JPG naambord.JPG laith.JPG Ladder.JPG image6.JPG image5.JPG image1.JPG house2.JPG deck.JPG _GK41329.JPG

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