As written in an earlier post our refit crew is working hard to get Tres Hombres in ship-shape condition again. Yesterday we’ve been taking some pictures of all the work being done at the slipway in Den Helder, Netherlands.   Have a look!

P1070998.JPG P1070993.JPG P1070991.JPG P1070990.JPG P1070989.JPG P1070988.JPG P1070987.JPG P1070986.JPG P1070985.JPG P1070983.JPG P1070982.JPG P1070981.JPG P1070980.JPG P1070979.JPG P1070978.JPG P1070977.JPG P1070976.JPG P1070974.JPG P1070973.JPG P1070971.JPG P1070972.JPG P1070970.JPG P1070969.JPG P1070966.JPG P1070958.JPG

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