Tres Hombres has a few last minute places available to sail along. E-mail to for more information

I must go down to the seas again,

to the lonely sea and the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship

and a star to steer her by…

-By John Masefield-

A few places available

Do you want to experience sailing with a engineless sailing cargo ship yourself? We now have some last minute places available to sail along wit Tres Hombres!


Carribean sailing

Sailing with Tres Hombres on the Caribbean sea to load cargo’s of chocolate and rum. An experience you will never forget

Crossing the ocean

” Crossing the ocean without the use of an engine. This is something I’ll never forget. Seeing whales, dolphins, the crew, the ship.. If you can, I suggest to sail along too!” Trainee Elise

Sign onFromToDirect distance NM & Days at sea /portFee (Euro) & Booking nr.
April 3rd 2016Den Helder, NLDouarnenez, FR531 NM / 13 days 1105,- & nr P0 16 Sign on
April 18th 2016Douarnenez, FRMadeira, Portugal1114 NM / 25 days2125,- & nr P0516 Sign on
April 3rd 2016Den Helder, NL.Madeira, Portugal3040,- & nr E1 Sign on
May 15th 2016Madeira, PortugalGrenada2766 NM / 44 days3740,- & nr P0516 Sign on
June 12th 2016GrenadaSanta Marta, Colombia759 NM / 8 days680,- & nr P0616 Sign on
June 23rd 2016Santa Marta, ColombiaBoca Chica, Dom. Rep.504 NM / 16 days1360,- & nr P0616a Sign on
May 15th 2016Madeira, PortugalBoca Chica, Dom. Rep.4800,- & nr E2a Sign on
July 13th 2016Boca Chica, Dom rep.Horta, Azoren2404 NM / 38 days3230,- & nr P0716 Sign on
Aug 21st 2016Horta, AzorenAmsterdam, Netherlands1638 NM / 25 days2125,- & nr P0816 Sign on
July 13th 2016Boca Chica, Dom rep.Amsterdam, Netherlands4950,- & nr E3a Sign on
Entire Atlantic Round trip 2016Den Helder, NetherlandsAmsterdam, Netherlands161 days9100,- & nr E1-3 Sign on

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