Yesterday the Reym Group did Nordlys and her crew a huge favour! They emptied the old diesel tanks of Nordlys so they could be taken away, creating more space in the work shed!

After a lot of planning and discussions the refit crew of Nordlys decided that the old fuel tanks are not usable any more after the renovation. We are now planning to have tanks in the front and aft of the ship so we keep as much cargo-space as possible. Dirk “the welder” will make the new tanks which will carry fresh water for the crew.

Reym Group is an innovative service provider in industrial cleaning, transport and waste management. Their services specifically target the environmental management that law and society require.

Here you’ll find some pictures of the cleaning action. Thanks again Reym Group!DSC_0298.JPG DSC_0299.JPG

 DSC_0329.JPG DSC_0305.JPG

 DSC_0339.JPG DSC_0338.JPG DSC_0322.JPG

 reymgroup.jpg DSC_0340.JPG

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