line plan of engineless cargo ship

Building a Fairtransport Future

The Tres Hombres carved the path for sustainable transport… but this is just the beginning. It is our goal to expand our cargo fleet to include many more ships working under sail. This will diminish delays in our supply chain along the entire shipping line. 

Fairtransport employs a two track policy:  the traditional and the innovative. While currently employing time tested traditional ships that have sailed the worlds trade routes for centuries, we are also developing innovative,  high preformance technology, never before seen on the oceans.

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Sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres

Ambassador for cargo transport by sail

Tres Hombres A celebrated pioneer in the green shipping movement, sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres has delivered fair trade freight over sea since December of 2009.

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starting a shipping line in NW Europe in 2015

Oldest cargo ship in the world still working

Nordlys Manoeuvered entirely by the power of the wind & worked by the hands of the crew, the Nordlys maintains a shipping line for transport of cargo within Europe.

  • ~Ecoliner~ Developing status 86%
Ecoliner, the green machine

Future Shipping and modern technology

Ecoliner The Dynarig concept continues to evolve as we test various options; the 130 meter Ecoliner currently on the drawing boards at Dykstra Naval Architects.

  • Coming soon 16%
a newly built, super fast cargo sailer

We wil be sailing faster than the Cutty Sark…

Clipper ship

Above a picture of the Cutty Sark. Soon, more information about our plans to expand our fleet ….

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