Last we received a package for Nordlys.. After unpacking it we were happy to see what was inside.. It looked like a survival package for cold days ( a healthy one!) Tea, Coffee, organic sweetener, milkpowder, hot chocolate and all organic! A little note included in the package showed that this was donated to the Nordlys crew by the Salish Sea Cooperative!

Today (a cold and wet day) we had time to prepare the first part of the package, a few pots nice and warm coffee and hot chocolate for the hard working crew. While they were enjoying the drinks and admiring the shells (which were also in the package) we took some pictures.

Thank you  Salish Sea Cooperative !

Nordlys Crew

P1080178.JPG P1080179.JPG P1080177.JPG P1080176.JPG P1080175.JPG P1080174.JPG P1080172.JPG P1080171.JPG P1080173.JPG P1080168.JPG DSC_0249.JPG

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