Sail aboard our ships as a trainee

Crossing the ocean to the caribbean and back!

Entire Atlantic Circumnavigation

You can also join for a part of this journey. Please be aware that schedules can change due to cargo requests or weather conditions.

Den Helder to Amsterdam via Caribbean!

9936 NM // 150 sea days /in port // 11 ports

Completing a full round trip with Tres Hombres is unique. Aboard you will learn all aspects of sailing cargo while you gain the necessary sea miles to start the journey towards becoming a professional master mariner. Tres Hombres already crossed the ocean many times and you can join her for her next trip!

We can also book you onto any transatlantic voyages offered by the Avontuur.

Check this years sailing schedules for the dates, fees and booking nr.

Sign on for half a year!

Leg 1: Sailing south to the tradewinds

Entire First Leg

Den Helder, Netherlands sailing South

1861 Nautical Miles
42 average days at sea /in port

Sail the English Channel, past the White Cliffs of Dover sailing along the western coast of France! Fill the cargo hold with wine and sail along to the island of la Palma.. What you’ll find there are hand rolled cigars, organic rum and fantastic views!

Leg 2 : Westward ocean crossing

Crossing the ocean

Only using windpower!

3067 Nautical Miles
46 average days at sea /in port

Crossing the ocean westward is an amazing experience. Together with your fellow crew members you’ll spend hours, days and maybe even weeks on the beautiful great wide ocean. You’ll steer, navigate, set and take down sails, learn about maintenance and help the cook.

Leg 3: Eastward Ocean crossing

Eastward ocean crossing

Homeward bound via the Azores!

5008 Nautical Miles
60 average days at sea /in port

Crossing the ocean homeward bound with Tres Hombres is something special. Whales, Dolphins and sharks are common fellow travellers. With the cargo gold entirely filled up Tres Hombres races back to Amsterdam with stop overs in the Azores and the UK.

Sign OnFromToDistance NMFeeAverage days sea / portBooking Nr.
Oct. 31st 2016Den Helder, NetherlandsDouarnenez, France531 NM€ 935,-11P1016 Sign on
Nov. 14 th 2016Douarnenez, FranceSanta Cruz de La Palma1330 NM€2125,-25P1116 Sign on
Oct. 31 st 2016Den Helder, NetherlandsSanta Cruz de La Palma€2880,-36E1Sign on
Sign on
Dec. 15 th 2016Santa Cruz de La PalmaBridgetown, Barbados2640 NM€2210,-26P1216 Sign on
Jan. 10 th 2017Bridgetown, BarbadosSanta Marta, Colombia885 NM€1020,-12P0117 Sign on
Jan. 22 nd 2017Santa Marta, ColombiaBoca Chica, Dom. Rep.504 NM€1275,-15P0117a Sign on
Dec. 15 th 2016Santa Cruz de La PalmaBoca Chica, Dom. Rep.€4250,-53E2Sign on
Sign on
Feb. 5 th 2017Boca Chica, Dom. Rep.Horta, Azoren2504 NM€3060,-38P0217 Sign on
March 16 th 2017Horta, AzorenAmsterdam, Netherlands1638 NM€2040,-26P0317 Sign on
Feb. 5 th 2017Boca Chica, Dom. Rep.Amsterdam, Netherlands€4650,-64E3Sign on
Entire Atlantic Round Voyage2016/17€9.100-153E1-3Sign on

Sign onFromToDirect distance NM & Days at sea /portFee (Euro) & Booking nr.
May 21 2017Amsterdam, NetherlandsBlankenberge, Belgium132 NM / 7 days595,- & nr P0917 Sign on
May 28 2017Blankenberge, BelgiumEyemouth, Scotland393 NM / 11 days935,- & nr P1017 Sign on
June 8 2017Eyemouth, ScotlandDen Helder, Netherlands280 NM / 9 days765,-& nr P1117 Sign on
Entire SummervoyageDen Helder, NetherlandsDen Helder, Netherlands805 NM / 27 days1.995,- & nr Tot. Sign on

Sign onFromToDistance NMFeeAverage days sea / portBooking Nr
Sept 10 th 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsDouarnenez, France531€ 935,-11P1917 Sign on
Sept 23 rd 2017Douarnenez, FranceSanta Cruz de La Palma1330€ 2.125,-25P2017Sign on
Sep 10 th 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsSanta Cruz de La Palma€ 2.880,-36E1Sign on
Sign on
Oct 16 th 2017Santa Cruz de La PalmaPuerto Plata, Dom. Rep.3164€ 2.635,-31P2117Sign on
Nov 15 th 2017Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep.Charleston, USA909€ 1.190,-14P2217Sign on
Oct 16 th 2017Santa Cruz de La PalmaCharleston, USA€ 3.600,-45E2Sign on
Sign on
Sign on
Nov 29 th 2017Charleston, USAPuerto Plata, Dom. Rep.909€ 1.190,-14P2317Sign on
Dec 15 th 2017Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep.Horta, Azores2533€ 2.635,-31P2417Sign on
Jan 15 th 2018Horta, AzoresDen Helder, Netherlands1664€ 2.185,-25P2517Sign on
Nov 29 th 2017Charleston, USADen Helder, Netherlands€ 5.600,-E3Sign on
Entire Atlantic Round Voyage2017/2018€9.100,-151E1-3Sign on

Sign onFromToDistance NMFeeAverage days sea / portBooking Nr.
Feb 24 th 2018Den Helder, NetherlandsDouarnenez, France531€935,-11P0218 Sign on
March 8 th 2018Douarnenez, France *1Santa Cruz de La Palma1330€2.125,-25P0318 Sign on
April 4 th 2018Santa Cruz de La PalmaBridegetown, Barbados2640€2.720,-32P0418 Sign on
Feb 24 th 2018Entire first leg€5.440,-68E1Sign on
May 6 2018Bridegetown, BarbadosSt. Georges, Grenada155€595,-7P0518 Sign on
May 13 th 2018St. Georges, Grenada *2Boca Chica, Dom. Rep.608€1.530,-18P0618 Sign on
May 31 2018Boca Chica, Dom. Rep.Santa Marta, Colombia504€935,-11P0718 Sign on
May 6 2018Entire second leg€2.880,-E2Sign on
June 11 th 2018Santa Marta, ColombiaHorta, Azores2939€3.825,-45P0818 Sign on
July 27 th 2018Horta, Azores *3Amsterdam, Netherlands1664€2.125,-25P0918 Sign on
June 11 th 2018Entire third leg€5.600,-E3Sign on
Entire AtlanticRound Voyage2018€9.995,-174E1-3Sign on
If time, weather and cargo allow it, we cansail to more destinationsthan scheduled.*1 maybe Madeira *2 maybe Dominica, Montserrat, Bonaire or Marie Galante *3 maybe Brixham or Douarnenez

Nordlys is being refitted in Den Helder Winter 206/2017

Sign onFrom ToDistance NMFee EuroAverage days sea / portBooking nr.
June 18 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsDouarnenez, France531€ 935,-11p0217No Sign on
July 10 2017Douarnenez, FranceCopenhagen, Denmark1028€ 1.500,-20p0717No Sign on
July 30 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkBornholm, Denmark103€ 525,-7p0817No Sign on
August 6 2017Bornholm, DenmarkRostock, Germany125€ 600,-8p0917No Sign on
August 14 2017Rostock, GermanyDen Helder, Netherlands640€ 1.200,-16p1017No Sign on
July 10-August 30 2017Amsterdam, NetherlandsDen Helder, Netherlands1.896€ 3.315,-51Leg2 Sign on
August 30 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsPorto, Portugal988€ 1.575,-21p1117No Sign on
September 20 2017Porto, PortugalNoirmoutier, France€ 675,-9p1217No Sign on
September 30 2017Noirmoutier, FranceBrixham, UK€ 450,-6p1317No Sign on
October 7 2017Brixham, UKShoreham, UK€ 225,-3p1417No Sign on
October 11 2017Shoreham, UKDen Helder, Netherlands€ 300,-4p1517No Sign on
August 30-October 16 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsDen Helder, Netherlands2.795,-43Leg 3 Sign on

2017 Schedules coming soon

Schedules coming soon

More info
Date of signing on
On this day we welcome you on board from 8 pm onwards. A crew member will introduce you to the captain, the first mate (who will receive your passport and possibly your sample book) and the other members of the crew. We shall assign you a bunk and chest (usually in the fo’c’sle). Linen and sleeping bag are best brought from home. Before departure you will be assigned to the port watch (under the supervision of the first mate) or the starboard watch Incidentally the ship has not arrived in the port of departure; we shall let you know as early as possible if this is the case.
As a rule the ship departs on the day after signing on. With “all hands” the sail is set and the ship is made ready for the sea. You will be informed which watch stays on deck, leaving the other watch free to take a nap. The captain chooses the fastest and safest route to its destination. The first and second mate will instruct the crew. You will be involved in every aspect of seamanship from the moment you arrive; safety training, steering the ship, keeping watch, maintenance, setting sail and lots more. Depended on the weather, the distance and the kind of trip, the ship will arrive at its destination after a couple of days or weeks. This doesn’t mean the trip is at its end; the days after arrival are filled with instructive and interesting activities. The ship is prepared for port, cargo is taken in and out, there is some maintenance that can only be done in a harbour and the opportunity presents itself to go on shore leave.

The route may be altered, depended on freight and weather.

Direct distance
This is the shortest possible distance between two harbors. The Tres Hombres being a true sailing ship without an engine, this distance is rarely the actual sailed distance. In other words, the ship usually sails many miles more than the direct distance. At the end of a leg of journey, the captain will inform you how many miles have been covered in reality.
This is the price in euros for said journey per person. In exchange you sail along and acquire a practical education in seamanship. In addition to the journey fee, we expect you to take part in watches and chores such as maintenance, sailing, cleaning, steering and being on the lookout. In the fee are included the ship’s meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner and coffee and tea. Not included are transfers to and from the ship.
Average journey/port stay
This is the estimated time at sea or in a harbor. The ship being dependent for the duration of her trips on weather and wind, this period may vary. If the ship arrives ahead of schedule at its destination, the days in port ahead of schedule are part of the journey.
Booking number
This number is a purely administrative number used for keeping score of persons on board.
Full Atlantic Roundtrip. If you are intent on becoming a true seaman and a taste of life as a seaman, this is your trip! During this 8 month journey you will acquire adequate time and experience as an able-bodied seaman.
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