Eastward crossing of the Atlantic ocean

The Eastward crossing of the Atlantic ocean is an experience you will never forget. Sailing towards the Azores we are sure you will see and hear the whales and dolphins playing around the ship. This trip will make you a real sailor with enough experience in sailing during all kind of weather circumstances!

Date signing on: Mar 1st 2015 Date signing off: Apr 4th

Boca Chica, Dom. Rep – ETD Mar 1st 2015

Horta, Acores – ETD Apr 9th 2015

Kinsale Ireland- ETD Apr 30st 2015

Falmouth, Uk

pictures by 1000meilenwind.de 1000meilenwind.de 2014-11-Setubal-La-Palma 191.jpg 2014-11-Douarnenez-Setubal-191.jpg 1000meilenwind.de 2014-11-Douarnenez-Setubal 199.jpg

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