Sail a Future: Samantha’s dream!

Friday the 3rd of October, the quay of Willemsoord was transformed into an island of color. Primary school pupils from the Thorbecke school in Den Helder were painting on a huge sail that is going to be used for an unique project: Sail A Future. Sail a Future is a collaboration between Fairtransport, the Paint a Future foundation and the Sports for Children Foundation.

The colorful sail will be hoisted onto the Fairtransport ship Tres Hombres today, when she sets sail on her sixth trans-Atlantic journey. The ship will be sailing with a cargo hold full of gymnastic equipment headed for Brazil, as part of the fulfillment of the dream of an eight year old Brazilian girl named Samantha. Her dream is to become an Olympic gymnastics champion!

Paint a Future

The story begins with Dutch artist Hetty Van der Linden, founder of the Paint the Future foundation.  Hetty travels the world using art to change the lives of disadvantaged children, by telling them that a paintbrush is like a magic wand with which they can paint their dreams for the future. Well established artists from all over  the world are working with the foundation by incorporating the children’s art into
their own work. These paintings are then sold and the funds used to help make the children’s dreams come true.

A few years ago Samantha, from the Brazilian town of Florianopolis, painted her future dream. American artist Dick Robberts felt inspired by Samantha’s dream and made a beautiful painting, that has fetched a whopping € 3500!

Due to Samantha’s desperate home situation it was not possible to help her with this money immediately.Thankfully, there was a ray of light in Samantha’s life: she excels in gymnastics! Irano Cavahlo, former member of the Brazilian Olympics gymnastics team, spotted her talent and included her in his group of five talented underprivileged children that train at a high level. His dream is to make these talented children Olympic youth champions!

Gymnastic equipment for future Olympic champions
The proceeds of Samantha’s painting were used for the first gymnastics apparatus and the production of a CD with Brazilian children singing a song. The proceeds of the CD have been used to start the building of the Gymnastics school.

Of course, one gymnastics apparatus is not enough to become an Olympic champion. Fortunately, the Dutch Sports for Children Foundation made a wonderful contribution to this project. The foundation made a range of fine gymnastics equipment available for the young Brazilian talents, including parallel bars, a beam, mats, a vaulting horse, etc.

Sailing to Brazil

The equipment is currently still in the Netherlands, but on the 10th Tres Hombres will bring the equipment emission-free to Brazil. Environmentally-friendly transport for an amazing cause!


Pictures by Hetty van der Linden – Paint the future

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