​I will tell you a little story about two old friends..

One of them built as a KFK cutter in Germany, luckily never really worked in the business, she did sweep some mines but started fishing soon after the war ended. She got bored of the business and left to sail as a ferry up and down the Aran Islands and Rossaveel in Ireland. Sea Adler was sold and without maintenance she was in need of some fine hands to get her sailing again. This was the time three guys, also known as Tres Hombres discovered her sitting in a creek. During a 2.5 years refit period and together with a great group of volunteers the three guys got the ship sailing again. Her sails were set and she sailed as world’s only engineless sailing cargo vessel ‘Tres Hombres’ towards the climate conference in Copenhagen in 2009. This was the start of her new life and the start of the Fairtransport Revolution..

The other friend had been sailing  near England as a  fishing trawler. Together with her new owner she moved north, to sail as a motor/sail coaster in the beautiful fjords of Norway. Shipping building materials, rocks, scrap metal and other supplies in summer and herring in winter from 1917 til 1984. Johan the captain owner who bought her after this period carried on shipping building materials with Nordlys to remote places for the next 30 years. Last year it was time for them to split up and start new lives.. they set sail to the Netherlands. The ship, Nordlys (Northern light), was sold (with the promise to keep sailing cargo with her) and is now undergoing a huge refit to get her back in traditional sailing condition. Again Fairtransport is working with a lot of help from volunteers to create a new future for ‘an old lady’. Nordlys will set sail again in March 2015 to sail cargo and join the Fairtransport fleet.


Last year they met.. those two old ships..

Nordlys sailed in 4 days with her old owner and new crew from Norway to the Netherlands..

Tres Hombres just got back from picking up a cargo of wine in France..

It was an amazing sight to see them anchored together on the’ Rede van Texel’ (street of Texel)


A start of a new-old friendship and a step forward to a clean future!




Pictures by Danielle Doggett and Service Maritiem

Tres Hombers and Nordlys meeting first time_5_By service maritiem.JPG Tres Hombers and Nordlys meeting first time_3_By service maritiem.JPG Tres Hombers and Nordlys meeting first time_2_By service maritiem.JPG Tres Hombers and Nordlys meeting first time_4_By service maritiem.JPG Tres Hombers and Nordlys meeting first time_1_By service maritiem.JPG

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