Tres Hombres blog from trainee Liz: A ship runs on goodwill

DATE: 01-12-2016  GMT:1807  POS: 45 10 N, 8 00 W   COG: 210  SOG: 8.7 A ship runs on goodwill. Without the sails and the ropes and the hull, of course, we would all be swimming in the chilly Bay of Biscay at the moment, but what really makes this ship go is goodwill.... read more

Tres Hombres blog from Shimra: And so, the legend is true

And so, the legend is true : from Den Helder to Douarnenez in 3 days. Just puke 3 times, wish, and you’re there. After tacking like crazy to leave the Wadden Sea, to the sounds of horns and fire works from our loved ones on the dijk , NE winds carried us at 12... read more

Tres Hombres left Den Helder for the 9th time

Tres Hombres left Den Helder for the 9th time to sail the Atlantic route. We wish captain Andreas Lackner and crew Fair Winds and Following Seas. Click on the link below to see Tres Hombres leaving Den Helder... read more

Fairtransport is op zoek naar een Agent Operationeel

Algemeen De operationeel agent faciliteert de door Fairtransport gebruikte schepen in allerlei operationale zaken bij aankomst en vertrek. Taken: Voorbereiden van douaneformulieren (IMO documenten) Het regelen van loodsen en sleepboten om de havens in en uit te komen... read more

Tres Hombres blog: Bijna in Amsterdam….

We liggen momenteel met prachtig nazomerweer voor anker bij Boulogne Sur Mer. De wind is te zwak om ons tegen de getijdestroming in voort te bewegen, als we zouden zeilen zouden we achteruit gaan. Vandaar dat het anker is uitgegooid en we wachten tot de stroming weer... read more


As the rhythm of the sea gets left behind, farther a day at a time, and though my feet touch the ground, I am not here nor there. I should be writing this blog about our last 2 weeks of sail, since our last port of call , Bornholm. About the cold, the crazy winds we... read more

CALL OUT: help unload Tres Hombres in Amsterdam 29th October

After almost seven months, several thousand miles and an unexpected stop in Nova Scotia, Tres Hombres is almost back in Amsterdam. Our engineless sail cargo ship Tres Hombres rounded the Atlantic for the eighth time, her belly full with melasses, cacao beans, green... read more
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