Tres Hombres blog: Soon enough we were under full sail again

DATE:221016 GMT:1804 POS:50 04.6 N, 0 08.3 W COG:338 SOG:4.2 Back at sea and in the English channel, Thank you for having us Le Havre. We all said Le Havre fairwell on Friday afternoon leaving lovedonce and new made friends behind. Last Tuesday we took out the cargo... read more

Nordlys blog: Living on the rhythm of Nature

Date : Tuesday the 18 of October 2016 Position : 55*35.5’N 3*46.9’E Speed & course :3 kts to south Wind speed & direction : west 5 to 10 kts Sea state : calm with a long swell from south Sky state : Cirrostratus Air temp: 14*C Sea Temp: 14*C... read more

NOTIFICATION: Shareholders meeting 29th October – AMSTERDAM

Notification for Shareholders of Nordlys and Tres Hombres Ship The shareholders meeting for both ships will take place on the 29th October 2016 at ”BLOKWERK”, Mt Ondinaweg 34, 1033 RG Amsterdam. Emails have been despatched to all shareholders on file. Please send an... read more

we hopen voor en gunstige wind om het kanaal in te zeilen

DATE:13102016 GMT:1016 POS:48 59.2 N, 007 19.2 W COG:139 SOG:5.3 De eerste 2100 mijl van deze overtocht vlogen we over de oceaan. We gingen perfect tussen de hoge- en lagedrukgebieden door over de `highway` zoals kapitein Arjen het noemde. Daarna zat het weer echter... read more

Ready to set sails

Nordlys report Date :Thursday the 13 of October Position : Tejn harbor Bornholm Speed & course : moored Wind speed & direction : east 30 kts Sea state : moderate Sky state : overcast of stratus Ready to set sails Few days was spend on the beautiful island of... read more

Land Ahoy!

DATE: 12-10-16  GMT: 18-22 POS: 50-27.7 N, 008-37.3 W COG: 155  SOG: 7.0 DAY 18 : LAND AHOY ! In the last few days we noticed more and more signs of the continent getting closer. The temperature of course is getting less, coastal sea birds started to appears in the... read more

So near and yet so far

DATE:10102016 GMT:1707 POS:48 58 N, 12 09 W COG:071 SOG:6 Day 16 We the crew of the Tres Hombres made good progress crossing the Atlantic at this time of the year. We encountered two Low weather systems which helped us moving fast going East. Now we get near to Europe... read more

The Baltic

Nordlys report Date : Saturday the 8 of October 2016 Position : 55*22.8’N 14*01.5’E Speed & course : 2.5 kts south east Wind speed & direction : North 4 Beaufort The Baltic Heading South East into the Baltic direction Bornholm. After a great week... read more

We almost smell land and land will smell us!

DATE:06102016 GMT:1924 POS:46 59.6 N, 22 45.9 W COG:063 SOG:6 We almost smell land and land will smell us. Today we made some good speed going west. We maintained 10 knots average for about 12 hours. We started to tar the rigging to preserve what is there. And yes... read more

Running down wind in a southerly gale

DATE:04102016 GMT:2201 POS:45 04.4 N, 29 19.5 W COG:050 SOG:8.2 GENERAL SYNOPSIS: ON BOARD THE TRES HOMBRES WIND DIR & SPD:WNW 5 CURRENT DIR:ENE CLOUDS:8/8 SEA STATE:3 meters SEA TEMP: AIR TEMP: AIR PRES:1009.5 Great day sailing down wind in a southerly gale.... read more

Cargo Party in Copenhagen by Rosa

Nordlys report – Cargo Party in Copenhagen After some stormy days in the Skagerrak and Kattegat, we perfectly slalommed through the Helsingor, where the captain asked us to flip a coin at a buye. Does that mean good luck or something? “It means that you... read more

Europe, here we come by Eelco

DATE: 03-10-16 GMT: 18-26 POS: 42-38.2 N, 31-08.8 W COG:110 SOG: 2.4 GENERAL SYNOPSIS: ON BOARD THE TRES HOMBRES Op 3 april van dit jaar,  vandaag dus precies 6 maanden geleden, monsterde ik samen met vele anderen in Den Helder, aan op de Tres Hombres. In die zes... read more

Brief voor lieve Rose van Eno Abel

DATE:01102016 GMT:1631 POS:42 52.3 N, 39 17.3 W COG:100 SOG:9 Weblog Lieve Rose bij Eno Abel Noord Atlantische Oceaan, 1 oktober POSITIE:42 52.3 North, 39 17.3 West Lieve Rose, Halverwege Lunenburg en Den Helder via le Havre en Amsterdam varen wij hier op de Noord... read more
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