Tres hombres: Learning new things

DATE: 28-09-16 GMT: 20-55 POS: 42-13.6 N, 50-14.0 W COG: 080 SOG: 4.7 – English version below the Dutch version – Anderhalve week geleden hingen we nog doelloos rond in Lunenburg. Nu zijn we met een half nieuwe bemanning, waaronder een nieuwe kapitein en... read more

Nordlys: So far the North Sea has been kind to us

Nordlys report, Date : Tuesday the 27 of September 2016 Hoping for the better and preparing for the worst. So far the North Sea has been kind to us, with good winds and user-friendly sea state. We’re heading as fast as we can to the Skagerak safety, 30 miles... read more

Tres hombres log: Things are going well onboard

DATE:26092016 GMT:1727 POS:44 36 N, 56 16 7 W COG:095 SOG:8.2kt Things are going well onboard Good food and sailing makes a happy ship. A few are seasick but getting the hang of it. We are making good daily progress of around 200 miles a day. With a Northerly wind our... read more

As the sky state can warn us

Nordlys report, Date : Monday the 26 of October 2016 As the sky state can warn us A low pressure is heading to our position Tomorrow night will be sailing trough the Skagerrak The strait in between Denmark and Norway The ship is ready, the crew is ready The last days... read more

Sunday is holiday

Nordlys report Date : Sunday 25 September 2016 Position : 53*50’N 3*41,4’E , 65 nM North north west of Den Helder Speed & course : 7 kts to north north east Wind speed & direction : West 15 to 20 kts Sea state : calm to moderate with short 1 m... read more

Homeward bound through the North Atlantic

DATE: 25-09-16  GMT: 12-21 POS: 44-29.3 N, 61-29.1 W   COG: 085  SOG: 8.5 Knts Here we are again, out at sea, approaching the grand banks south of Newfoundland, heading east towards the open ocean. After some weeks of rest and work in the very welcoming harbor of... read more

Sailing downwind in the English Channel

Date : Thursday 22 september 2016 Position : 50*19’N 2*41’W , 15 nM south west of Portland Speed & course : 3 knots to south east Wind speed & direction : west 2 Beauforts Current : Tidal, 2 knots to west Sea state : calm Sky state : Altocumulus... read more

Tales from the Nordleak puppies AKA Shimra and Rosa

Date & time :Sunday 18 September , 1800 UTC Position : 49*06’N 7*05’W , 55 nM south west of Scilly Islands Speed & course : 6 kts to North Wind speed & direction : west 10 to 15 kts Sea state : calm with long north west swell Sky state : total... read more

Nordlys is on her way to Copenhagen with full cargo!

Date : Friday 16 September 2016 Position :15 nM South west of Ussant French Brittany Speed & course : 4 kts to west Wind speed & direction : North west 4 Beauforts Sea state : Moderate, 1 m swell Sky state : Cumulus 4/8 24 hours ago, we did cast off our... read more

Ahoy from Douarnenez

The good sailing ship Nordlys is in Douarnenez since two weeks now. Last monday we start to load the yearly cargo of French wine to Denmark. The past years Tres Hombres was doing the trip, and now Nordlys took over. For the first time our old lady have is belly full... read more

Nordlys back on track

It took a while before our old lady Nordlys was back on track. One of the reasons was a broken bowsprit, and to find another one was not easy. Deep in the forests of France we found one. After some great craftsmanship by our crew Nordlys is finally sailing again. A... read more

Tres Hombres is amazingly still making northerly progress

DATE: 11-08 GMT:19.28 POS:26.47 N,67.16 W COG:320 SOG:3 Ahoy, Very light wind to be expected for the next days. Tres Hombres is amazingly still making northerly progress. After the high pressure area where we are in now, we will get the westerlies. Those shall bring... read more
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