Leben an Bord

DATE: 12-01-17  GMT: 00-56 POS: 13-32.7 N, 057-24.4 W   COG: 230  SOG: 3.4 Leben an Bord Heute war ein richtig schöner Tag, die Sonne bis am Abend, alle mit freiem Oberkörper (nur die Männer) jetzt sind alle etwas angebraten. Die Fahrt war ruhig, gute schnelle Fahrt... read more

Villanelle Basilicum – a little roots

DATE: 11-01-17 GMT: 0433 POS: 13-49.6 N, 056-06.2 W   COG: 265 SOG: 5.5 Villanelle Basilicum Consider this small plant of basil, which has lived beside the compass of the ship for over two weeks. In port we fretted for its safety from the waves, tried a thousand... read more

Tres Hombres due to arrive in Barbados

Tres Hombres is ship is making good progress. ETA Barbados tomorrow. Get Directions For Driving Walking Transit Bicycling   show options hide options Avoid Tolls Avoid Highways Avoid Ferries From To Fetching directions...... Reset directions Print... read more

A nice swim in the open ocean

DATE: 8 1 16 GMT:2157 POS: 14 26 N, 49 38 W COG:270 SOG:9 In between the squalls we had some volunteer mob for a nice swim in the open ocean, winds are nice to us, bringing the Caribbean nearby on a fast pace. GENERAL SYNOPSIS: ON BOARD THE TRES HOMBRES WIND DIR... read more

Leben auf einer Insel im Atlantik

DATE: 07-01-17 GMT : 23-02 POS: 14-47.4 N, 047-05.4 W COG: 258 SOG: 9 Leben auf einer Insel im Atlantik Was anderes tun wir ja nicht, nur unsere Insel schaukelt in alle Richtungen. Jetzt sind es fast 2 Wochen, Datum und Zeit spielt erst wieder eine Rolle wenn das Ziel... read more

New Years greet from the ocean in nine languages

On this ship, out of sight of land, the passage of days seems nearly irrelevant. Smaller and larger markers of the passage of time have become much more significant–the rising and setting times of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon, and the change from... read more
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