Meet the crew: Dirk 62, Trainee aboard Tres Hombres

Meet the crew: Dirk 62, Trainee aboard Tres Hombres

Name: Dirk
Age: 62
Nationality: Belgium

How did you hear of Fairtransport?
I’ve seen Tres Hombres the first time when they visited “Oostende voor Anker”. On board I met the crew , who told me travelling with Tres Hombres would be something for me to do. I totally forgot untill my wife gave me a trip on Tres Hombres as a birthday and retirement present.

Why did you want to join Tres Hombres?
See previous answer. And I’ve Always been interersted in wooden sailing ships. Probably it was a forgotten dream of me. Which comes true now.

What do you expect from this voyage?
A nice sailing trip with hopefully nice people and maybe a story to tell my grandchildren! Shit, am I that old?

You can also sign on for a few days…. or Half a Year, for a never to forget experience. For more information: Sail Along

Tres Hombres blog: The crew dropped the tow and set the full complement of sails

Tres Hombres blog: The crew dropped the tow and set the full complement of sails

Today is our first full day underway since leaving Brixham harbour yesterday afternoon.  After a week in port, the crew is feeling well rested, a little broke, satiated by gallons of beer and the good times enjoyed ashore.  Rearing to go, the lines were cast off and the ship towed out of harbor under the power of her yawlboat and that of a friendly local skipper, Brixham native Tony Knight.

Brixham was a fine place to spend a week while the ‘Irish hurricane’ Ophelia and her companions blew past turning the Channel and Irish sea into maelstroms.  The natural shelter provided by the tall headlands kept our ship out of the winds.  During the downtime we were able to make some repairs to important ship’s equipment, refresh our provisions and eat what are perhaps the best fish and chips in the world.

A few days in, our sister ship the Nordlys arrived to wait out the weather and for some days we were able to share meals, stories and good times with our other half.  At our favorite pub, musicians and revelers alike from both ships staged a foc’s’le music takeover and the barman kindly indulged us to play our music and carry on until closing.

With the weather past and all hands rearing to go, the crew dropped the tow and set the full complement of sails in a few minutes while the ship bobbed off the breakwater during a calm sunny afternoon.  After a tack or two in Tor Bay to keep off the shore, the wind filled in very favorably from the south and enabled the Tres Hombres to slip out of the bay and into deeper water.  Later in the evening, as if on cue, the wind switched around to the south west and we began to progress towards the English Channel and our route towards Brittany.

Connor McGowan
Second Mate

Wanted: Fairtransport Trading Manager

Wanted: Fairtransport Trading Manager

This is an offer for an unique position in an unique company. Nothing to just continue a job but to start new, nothing to play with but to build up, nothing to become rich with but to dash into, to open up minds, to enjoy, to grow slow but strong, a possibility to enforce global clean shipping and to modify consumers attitudes in a sustainable way.

The goal is to build up a Dutch based, smooth running European import and distribution network for goods brought emission free by sailing ships from around the world to ports like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rostock, Antwerp….
Products vary from Olive oil, wine, rum, cacao, coffee, tuna, tea, chocolate…only products which do not compete with the local farmers produce. Luxury goods, but then organic, fair traded and fair transported, without harm to nature and people.

Work includes:
• import/export logistics
• contact with producers, importers, resellers, journalists, consumers
• sourcing of new products
• branding of products with all steps of it included
• marketing, PR, press releases
• zero-waste shopkeeping in Amsterdam • attending of markets and fairs internationally
• customs declarations
• sampling, billing, packing, sending and finding always the most sustainable form of all this
A crazy but fulfilling job, I can tell you that! The founders are still helping with their knowledge, contacts and experience.

You should bring:
• ability to make contact, maybe already have some in the food/beverage market
• inventiveness, flexibility, ability to make own structures
• responsibility for your work but also for yourself!

• hour based on minimum legal wage plus profit sharing

• office in Den Helder for the first months to enter the family and learn about the business
• then office in Amsterdam (June 2018) and partly at home

Work hours:
• to be discussed to not become endless

Please send your inquiry to, to attention of Hans van der Pluijm

Meet the crew: Conor McGowan, 2nd mate

Meet the crew: Conor McGowan, 2nd mate

Name: Conor McGowan
Age: 28
Nationality: USA

How did you hear of Fairtransport?
Two years ago I became curious in sail- freight and did some searching on the internet. At this time I was working in the tall ship industry and my goal was to somehow eventually join the crew of Tres Hombres. I’m so trilled to finally be here!

Why did you want to join Tres Hombres?
Like many others, I have a dream that sailing ships and their culture will return to prominence in the modern world by the virtue of their power to transport cargoes across the world without the use of fossil fuels.
I wanted to see for myself the real thing in action, the logistics and procedures and craft of sail cargo, and Tres Hombres (Fairtransport) was pretty much the only operation making it a reality.

What do you expect from this voyage?
Learning to handle a ship without the assistance of auxiliary power is a true test of seamanship and a virtually nonexistent practice in our time.
I know that the demands of this undertaking will teach me so much in the space of these coming months that I could notexpect to learn on a similar vessel that runs on engine power.
I’m humbled by the scope of undertaking and eager to learn all that I can from this ship. And as Always look forward to become friends with my shipmates as we bond under the shared experiences of our voyage. The connections you forge out there at sea, on a ship, are so strong and true. You don’t easily find that kind of bond on land.
Lastly but not least, the traveling is an adventure too and I’m excited to reach new ports and add to my knowledge of the world.

 Be the change you want to see! – By captain Lammert

 Be the change you want to see! – By captain Lammert

Fairtransport is like a spark. It started a fire, which is getting bigger and starts spreading around. The old way and the natural way of transporting is part of a bigger movement in the modern time. More and more the agriculture is taking a step backwards and a lot of farmers are producing natural again. More and more people start using of local products again. More and more recycling is going on. More and more people are taking care of their energy use, and so forth. Altogether more and more care for “mother earth” ; Our habitat!
Unfortunately there is still a stubborn group of people who still believe in capitalistic way of living and following the rules of the free market economy; Ruining the earth by doing so.
And a big group of people who are not really aware and just live the spoiled way of the western society.
There is momentarily however, a growing amount of protest against this way of living. We don’t want to eat gen-food, We don’t want our forests to be chopped away, We don’t want to stand in traffic-jams every day, We don’t want to breath polluted air and so forth.

We, the people, should demand back our freedoms and the more natural way of living. Protest alone doesn’t help;   “Be the change you want to see”. Giving the example and inspire the people around you. I believe this is the best you can do. One moment we will reach the critical mass.
Since I started to work with Fairtransport, I saw the amount of cargo growing, after Tres Hombres came Nordlys and also others started transporting goods with their sailingships. A group of people with an ideal and a goal. A truly greener world; Our origin,our source.

If you search for the meaning of the word “economy”, you will find words like “thrift” and “providence”, also “careful management of available resources” and “sparing or careful use of something”.
So lets start to live a healthy economy together.
Change is not easy and doesn’t happen in one day. Stimulate this slow revolution and live more with nature again. We are trying and doing the best we can with Fairtransport;
Cargo by wind and sail!

Captain Lammert Osinga

Tres Hombres blog: Southwesterlies in the North Sea

Tres Hombres blog: Southwesterlies in the North Sea

Picture by Remi: Cap Gris Nez

As it is to be expected at this season, we are currently facing some quite strong South/West winds while we try to make our way to the dover strait. If it was only for the wind we would sail long tacks from the coast of England to the coast of Belgium and back and we would probably be there already. This would be without the incredible density of maritime traffic, oil rigs, wind farms and fishermen operating in this area.
It is also to be noticed that the usual courtesy that is made to let the sailing vessels pass first does not apply here. Here there is too much business going on and we have to give way to everybody. We all hope for a change in the wind direction tonight that might push us through the straight.

Greetings from the wet but fast learning Tres Hombres crew.

Captain Remi Lavergne

The good ship Tres Hombres is back at sea again

The good ship Tres Hombres is back at sea again

After weeks and weeks of refit and preparation and thanks to our wonderful tugboat captains, the good ship Tres Hombres is back at sea again. This time it is for her 10th voyage around the Atlantic Ocean !
For now we are bound to France and the north sea is being good to us. After a very quiet departure the westerlies are slowly picking up and we are making good progress towards Dover.
The time for sea sickness is almost over and our new crew is getting its sea legs. Soon we will be tacking our way down to Brittany.

Greetings captain Remi Lavergne

Laughing and unstoppable, these are the people who build Fairtransport

Laughing and unstoppable, these are the people who build Fairtransport

Laughing and unstoppable, these are the people who build Fairtransport. No to stop by rain, by growing global economies, war, indifference to ecology problems and always wet bicycle seats​.
In 2 intense months of good work the ship was taken in pieces, relieved from rust and rot, conserved and put back together again. After half a day she was watertight and dry again ki bakina p….

Thanks to you Giuseppe, Fieke, Sean, Demi, Hilde, Michael, Becca, Fa. Teerenstra, Annelies, Klaas, Nico, Wojtek, Dennis, Bertus, Eelco, Dirk, Herman, Sean, Jelte, Jeroen, Laura, Martin, Shimra, Daniel, Judith, Woody, Whoopy, Jeroen, Lis, Juliette, Eva, Wessel, Tim, Andrew, Boj, Tim, Remi, Freya, Anne-Fleur, Tibo, Marco, Laura, Erica, Vincent, Celina, Alan, Tim, Melle, Alex, Gerald, Jonas, Clarissa, Karl, Vinzenz, Corinna, Emils, Sabine, Hans, Muriel, Gerrit, Signe, Jorge, Andreas, Rodri, Hessel and all the others I forgot.

She will sail!

Captain Andreas Lackner

Tres Hombres zeilt naar Sint Maarten met hulpgoederen.

Tres Hombres zeilt naar Sint Maarten met hulpgoederen.

( English below )

Een doel + Een hart + Een middel = Een Missie

Vriend en vijand: de wind maakte honderden mensen dakloos op Sint Maarten, maar ze brengt ook een schip vol hulpgoederen naar het getroffen gebied.

Op Texel heeft Eiland helpt Eiland de afgelopen dagen een grote inzamelingsactie gehouden voor de slachtoffers van Orkaan Irma. Onder de coordinatie van Stichting Open Scape zal de Tres Hombres met een laadruimte vol hulpgoederen naar het Caribische eiland zeilen. Zonder motor steken ze de Atlantische Oceaan over. Op Sint Maarten zal door het lokale netwerk van Stichting OPEN SCAPE de regie worden genomen in het distribueren van de goederen aan slachtoffers. Hun motto: “Make St Maarten beautiful again.” Daar werken we natuurlijk graag aan mee. Jij ook?

Doe mee aan de missie > Jouw middelen | Jouw hart | Jouw doel

Voor vragen of donaties, stuur je mail naar

A purpose + A heart + A means = A Mission

The wind is our friend and our enemy. As it tore apart the houses of hundreds of people on the island of St Maarten, it also brings them the goods to start building their lives again.

Eiland helpt Eiland, based in Texel, has been working around the clock to collect supplies for the victims that hurricane Irma left in her wake. Coordinated by Stichting Open Scape, the Tres Hombres will bring hurricane aid supplies to the Caribbean island. The clipper ship will set sail on the 1st of October, crossing the Atlantic on the power of wind alone. There, they will be greeted by the local network of Stichting OPEN SCAPE. With their mission to make St Maarten beautiful again, goods will be distributed to the people in need.
Three organisations with a single purpose in their hearts equals a beauty of a mission…

Be part of the mission > Add your means. Give wind to your heart. Share in the purpose.

For further questions or donations you’re welcome to contact:

Tres Hombres blog: Fairtransport vaart door, ondanks wereldwijde hack

Tres Hombres blog: Fairtransport vaart door, ondanks wereldwijde hack

Op de dag dat de wereldhandel, via Maersk, de grote container rederij, werd platgelegd door internationale hackers, kreeg de Nederlandse duurzame rederij Fairtransport opdracht om met spoed, een van haar schepen naar Frankrijk te sturen met een lading opdracht. Omdat de schoenerbrik Tres Hombres toevallig net in de haven van Den Helder lag, klaar om een grote onderhoudsbeurt te krijgen, kon Fairtransport gelijk inspelen op deze opdracht.

De onderhoudsperiode werd direct uitgesteld, een bemanning van twaalf bemanningsleden en een kapitein werden opgetrommeld, proviand aan boord gebracht, en een lading rum ingenomen. Na enige hoofdbrekens werden agenten en douane bereid gevonden het papierwerk voor de uitklaring van dit duurzame transport te regelen. Ook de eigenaars van de sleepboot Gar waren direct bereid om op korte termijn het motorloze schip, vanuit de Helderse haven, de rede van Texel op te slepen.

Of deze lading werkelijk tot stand gekomen is door lading eigenaren die het vertrouwen in de containervaart verloren hebben, en alleen nog met zeilschepen hun vracht willen vervoeren, wil de kapitein geen uitlatingen over doen. Wel zegt hij: het is duidelijk dat de containervaart langzamerhand zijn geloofwaardigheid verliest. Het is natuurlijk belachelijk dat lading eigenaren alleen naar de prijs van een transport kijken. En niet naar het effect op het milieu, klimaat en leven op aarde voor onze medemensen, kinderen en kleinkinderen.

Ondertussen zeilt de Tres Hombres op de Noordzee met als bestemming Le Havre, Frankrijk. Hier gaat ze een volle lading wijn innemen. Welke weer in Den Helder zal worden overgeslagen op het zeilende vrachtschip Nordlys. Dit schip zal daarna naar Kopenhagen varen. Wie er ook in geloofd dat het tijd is voor een transitie in de transport sector kan zelf meedoen door: te investeren in een van de schepen, Nordlys of Tres Hombres, of voor elk bedrijf die iets vervoert, door de overstap te maken naar zeilschepen. Het is ook mogelijk om mee te varen. Meer informatie op:

Kapitein Jorne Langelaan

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