Tres Hombres blog: Southwesterlies in the North Sea

Tres Hombres blog: Southwesterlies in the North Sea

Picture by Remi: Cap Gris Nez

As it is to be expected at this season, we are currently facing some quite strong South/West winds while we try to make our way to the dover strait. If it was only for the wind we would sail long tacks from the coast of England to the coast of Belgium and back and we would probably be there already. This would be without the incredible density of maritime traffic, oil rigs, wind farms and fishermen operating in this area.
It is also to be noticed that the usual courtesy that is made to let the sailing vessels pass first does not apply here. Here there is too much business going on and we have to give way to everybody. We all hope for a change in the wind direction tonight that might push us through the straight.

Greetings from the wet but fast learning Tres Hombres crew.

Captain Remi Lavergne

The good ship Tres Hombres is back at sea again

The good ship Tres Hombres is back at sea again

After weeks and weeks of refit and preparation and thanks to our wonderful tugboat captains, the good ship Tres Hombres is back at sea again. This time it is for her 10th voyage around the Atlantic Ocean !
For now we are bound to France and the north sea is being good to us. After a very quiet departure the westerlies are slowly picking up and we are making good progress towards Dover.
The time for sea sickness is almost over and our new crew is getting its sea legs. Soon we will be tacking our way down to Brittany.

Greetings captain Remi Lavergne

Laughing and unstoppable, these are the people who build Fairtransport

Laughing and unstoppable, these are the people who build Fairtransport

Laughing and unstoppable, these are the people who build Fairtransport. No to stop by rain, by growing global economies, war, indifference to ecology problems and always wet bicycle seats​.
In 2 intense months of good work the ship was taken in pieces, relieved from rust and rot, conserved and put back together again. After half a day she was watertight and dry again ki bakina p….

Thanks to you Giuseppe, Fieke, Sean, Demi, Hilde, Michael, Becca, Fa. Teerenstra, Annelies, Klaas, Nico, Wojtek, Dennis, Bertus, Eelco, Dirk, Herman, Sean, Jelte, Jeroen, Laura, Martin, Shimra, Daniel, Judith, Woody, Whoopy, Jeroen, Lis, Juliette, Eva, Wessel, Tim, Andrew, Boj, Tim, Remi, Freya, Anne-Fleur, Tibo, Marco, Laura, Erica, Vincent, Celina, Alan, Tim, Melle, Alex, Gerald, Jonas, Clarissa, Karl, Vinzenz, Corinna, Emils, Sabine, Hans, Muriel, Gerrit, Signe, Jorge, Andreas, Rodri, Hessel and all the others I forgot.

She will sail!

Captain Andreas Lackner

Nordlys blog: The cargo-hold will be completely filled

Nordlys blog: The cargo-hold will be completely filled

Nordlys had finished the Baltic voyage earlier this year. The ship was loaded with natural wine from France for Copenhagen, Bornholm and Rostock. From there we made a stop in Den Helder and prepared for a southern cargo trip. On our way to Porto we made a stop in Devon, a region on the southern coast of England.

Brixham is a little historic harbor in the Torbay. This is a good bay to shelter for the westerly storms.
Over here we waited till the first autumn storms passed by. Sorlandet,(a Norwegian Tallship) also bounded south,
was at anchor outside in the bay. She was taking shelter, just like us.
While being here, we could do little maintenance on the ship. Caulking, pitching, rigging work and so forth.
Brixham is the home port for several Sailing Trawlers like Nordlys. They do charter-sailing their goal is to bring the people out of the cities and take them into nature.
It was a beautiful view to see Nordlys moored together with these similar traditional sailing ships. With their crews we were able to exchange knowledge about Sailing Trawlers and spending a good time together. Our good friend Tony Knights, skipper of the Leader, was also around and of great help. We had a useful stop and a good time with the sailors from Brixham.

Last Thursday morning we set sail again, since the forecasts showed a good weather window to cross the Bay of Biskay.
Jeroen is the cook on board and providing us every day with delicious food. He supplied our stock with beautiful seasonal products from local farmers and producers. It takes a bit more time, but it is so much better than the supermarketfood. Good food which stays longer fresh, are stored in the galley now. The taste of this vegetables and fruits are just fantastic.

At the moment we are sailing southwards in the Biskay and making a good progress. Next port of call is Porto. This old town is situated on the mouth of the river Douro. Porto and the Douro were of great value in the era of sail concerning in- and export of goods for the country. We will be moored in the Douro estuary and going to charge a well amount of precious goods from Portugal.
We have Olive-oil, Almond-oil, Salt, Natural Wine and Port Wine, to fill our cargo-hold with. These wares are bound for the more northern parts of the European continent, like France, England, Germany and the Netherlands.
We will be able to tell everybody the story of the producers and their way of working.
Fairtransport completes the tale, by the way these products are being transported. The cargo-hold of Nordlys will be completely filled; Almost thirty tons of beautiful products from Portugal we have to move by wind and sail. More and more cargo-owners like to see their goods being transported overseas by sail. They are also willing to pay a little more, for a better cause

Captain Lammert Osinga

Tres Hombres zeilt naar Sint Maarten met hulpgoederen.

Tres Hombres zeilt naar Sint Maarten met hulpgoederen.

( English below )

Een doel + Een hart + Een middel = Een Missie

Vriend en vijand: de wind maakte honderden mensen dakloos op Sint Maarten, maar ze brengt ook een schip vol hulpgoederen naar het getroffen gebied.

Op Texel heeft Eiland helpt Eiland de afgelopen dagen een grote inzamelingsactie gehouden voor de slachtoffers van Orkaan Irma. Onder de coordinatie van Stichting Open Scape zal de Tres Hombres met een laadruimte vol hulpgoederen naar het Caribische eiland zeilen. Zonder motor steken ze de Atlantische Oceaan over. Op Sint Maarten zal door het lokale netwerk van Stichting OPEN SCAPE de regie worden genomen in het distribueren van de goederen aan slachtoffers. Hun motto: “Make St Maarten beautiful again.” Daar werken we natuurlijk graag aan mee. Jij ook?

Doe mee aan de missie > Jouw middelen | Jouw hart | Jouw doel

Voor vragen of donaties, stuur je mail naar

A purpose + A heart + A means = A Mission

The wind is our friend and our enemy. As it tore apart the houses of hundreds of people on the island of St Maarten, it also brings them the goods to start building their lives again.

Eiland helpt Eiland, based in Texel, has been working around the clock to collect supplies for the victims that hurricane Irma left in her wake. Coordinated by Stichting Open Scape, the Tres Hombres will bring hurricane aid supplies to the Caribbean island. The clipper ship will set sail on the 1st of October, crossing the Atlantic on the power of wind alone. There, they will be greeted by the local network of Stichting OPEN SCAPE. With their mission to make St Maarten beautiful again, goods will be distributed to the people in need.
Three organisations with a single purpose in their hearts equals a beauty of a mission…

Be part of the mission > Add your means. Give wind to your heart. Share in the purpose.

For further questions or donations you’re welcome to contact:

Nordlys blog: “we incarnate! shipwrights to sailors, riggers to bosuns

Nordlys blog: “we incarnate! shipwrights to sailors, riggers to bosuns

“we incarnate! shipwrights to sailors, riggers to bosuns, masters to mariners, craftsmen to crewmates,
swallows to seafarers and back again, a host of hunched helmsmen huddled at the helm at the change of
the watch, tin cups and steam, Polaris pointing, dream whispering, passing over, passing on, heading? to the chart´s
edge, to the celestial horizon…we ascend to the sun on wings of tanned canvas stretched, we ascend to the sun
and sink again, woken singing from bunks, woollens, oilskins, foredeck worship, galley gathered around saucepans
and stove, gas flame and kettle with the wind sou´west now…rain off sou´wester, rain on his spectacles as
knuckles knot money for old rope at the gates of the Baltic…his hands too shall grow old and coiled and his spectacle
eyes shall knot the threads of this yarn at the gates of death…we incarnate! don´t miss us, we shall never return,
don´t lament us, we were never here, we are dancing with sails, we are dancing with winds, let us go, cast off all
lines, we incarnate and you shall find us anew, after the passage of the ship´s clock, after these circles round the
sun, after all, we incarnate!”


Nordlys blog: She’s on her way!

Nordlys blog: She’s on her way!

After a winter of hard work on the ship, we departed from Den Helder on the twenty-first of July. The cargo hold stacked with the finest organic wines from France.
Nordlys was eager to go back to sea. She has been sailing already for a long time in the Northern European waters. An old lady she is but still loaded with energy. This time we set a northerly course. The most beautiful natural wines from France have to be transported to Copenhagen, Bornholm and Rostock.

To Copenhagen we transport the wine for Sune. Together with Pontus and Sete, Sune is running a wine import business, called Rosforth & Rosforth. Since 2012 we are transporting wine for Sune. The very warm welcome was a feast for life. Delicious food prepared by Mamen, together with the best wines you can imagine.
Wednesday we were unloading the wine and labeling every bottle with a Fair Transport logo. This label is telling the story the bottle. Biological goods, transported by the sails and by the wind.

From Copenhagen we sailed further into the Baltic. Gudhjem is a little old fishing harbor on the north side of the island Bornholm. Over here Maria and Thomas own the beautiful wine-restaurant Provianten. It is located in the truly marvellous harbor of Gudjem. Again, we were having a feast for life. We enjoyed an incredible meal, combined with incredible revolutionary ideas.
The next day we were unloading the cargo, Jens was playing the violin, spectators came by to see this curious happening in this little harbor. Mystical moments we experience when we are underway; at sea and in the harbors we come.

I would like to thank you all for these truly, incredible moments of joy and love. Sune, Pontus, Sete, Mamen and everybody else from Copenhagen. Maria, Thomas,George, Jens and all the others from Gudhjem. Together we start to set the new norm. Away with fast-food chains and stinking ships !

Right now we are in Rostock, delivering the wines for Frank Schollenberger. Television was filming and lots of people came by while we were unloading the freight out of the Nordlys’ cargo hold.
At the moment a yearly sailing festival is happening; Hanse Sail Rostock. Here we can promote our project and inspire people to live another way of living. A way of living which is better for our home. Our home being planet earth.
Fair Transport is getting more and more known in Europe. Inspiring the world, for creating a better life; A life of natural beauty, instead of …… A life of being honest to our selves.

Come and transport your freight with us, right now. Let’s take one step back so we can go forward.
Hold and enjoy.
This is not a story of adventures only. This is more a story of necessity.

Captain Lammert

Invest in our sailing cargo vessel Nordlys (1873)

Invest in our sailing cargo vessel Nordlys (1873)

The Tres Hombres carved the path for sustainable transport… but this is just the beginning. It is our goal to expand our cargo fleet to include many more ships working under sail. This will diminish delays in our supply chain along the entire shipping line.

The Nordlys, at 48 tons and 25m loa, was recently refitted by Fairtransport. Manoeuvered entirely by the power of the wind she is possibly the worlds oldest cargo ship (1873) still working.
She is at the moment operating in the European coastal trade.  Originally a fishing trawler, nowadays she is able to carry a maximum of 30 tons of wine, olive oil, cider or other goods. Besides that Nordlys will raise awareness about the huge amounts of pollution, created by the modern shipping industry and affect positive change in the way goods are shipped around the world.

The ships in our fleet are owned by shareholders firms. This makes it possible for you to take part as an investor of Nordlys. Already 75% total of the shares are sold.

A business plan with more information can be acquired via or fill in the form on our website:

Nordlys blog: Restoring the (possibly) oldest sailing cargo ship in the world

Nordlys blog: Restoring the (possibly) oldest sailing cargo ship in the world

Like almost any other day I visited sailing cargo vessel Nordlys (1873) at Willemsoord , Den Helder. The ship has been refitted first at Teerenstra Shipwarf and is now lying in the Museum Harbour ( ) getting ready and waiting for her cargo to arrive with her fellow sailing cargo vessel “Tres Hombres”. It is amazing to see what the crew of beautiful Nordlys is doing and has been done.

The bow of the ship has been trough a total rebuild including the focs’l where the crew will stay during the cargo trips in European waters. While sitting in the focs’l it occurs to me that the athmosphere there is tranquille it’s almost like a cosy coocoon keeping you safe from all the work and life on deck and the quay.

The deckbeams and planks have been replaced and a brand new anchor winch is nearly ready. The hull super strong, the galley is made ready,  the rigging is being checked and her crew is in good spirits.

The builders , who do this as volunteers , did and DO a great job and I thank them for making this happen. Restoring the (possibly) oldest sailing cargo ship in the world is in safe hands with them.


crew of sailing vessel Leprechaun

Tres Hombres blog: Fairtransport vaart door, ondanks wereldwijde hack

Tres Hombres blog: Fairtransport vaart door, ondanks wereldwijde hack

Op de dag dat de wereldhandel, via Maersk, de grote container rederij, werd platgelegd door internationale hackers, kreeg de Nederlandse duurzame rederij Fairtransport opdracht om met spoed, een van haar schepen naar Frankrijk te sturen met een lading opdracht. Omdat de schoenerbrik Tres Hombres toevallig net in de haven van Den Helder lag, klaar om een grote onderhoudsbeurt te krijgen, kon Fairtransport gelijk inspelen op deze opdracht.

De onderhoudsperiode werd direct uitgesteld, een bemanning van twaalf bemanningsleden en een kapitein werden opgetrommeld, proviand aan boord gebracht, en een lading rum ingenomen. Na enige hoofdbrekens werden agenten en douane bereid gevonden het papierwerk voor de uitklaring van dit duurzame transport te regelen. Ook de eigenaars van de sleepboot Gar waren direct bereid om op korte termijn het motorloze schip, vanuit de Helderse haven, de rede van Texel op te slepen.

Of deze lading werkelijk tot stand gekomen is door lading eigenaren die het vertrouwen in de containervaart verloren hebben, en alleen nog met zeilschepen hun vracht willen vervoeren, wil de kapitein geen uitlatingen over doen. Wel zegt hij: het is duidelijk dat de containervaart langzamerhand zijn geloofwaardigheid verliest. Het is natuurlijk belachelijk dat lading eigenaren alleen naar de prijs van een transport kijken. En niet naar het effect op het milieu, klimaat en leven op aarde voor onze medemensen, kinderen en kleinkinderen.

Ondertussen zeilt de Tres Hombres op de Noordzee met als bestemming Le Havre, Frankrijk. Hier gaat ze een volle lading wijn innemen. Welke weer in Den Helder zal worden overgeslagen op het zeilende vrachtschip Nordlys. Dit schip zal daarna naar Kopenhagen varen. Wie er ook in geloofd dat het tijd is voor een transitie in de transport sector kan zelf meedoen door: te investeren in een van de schepen, Nordlys of Tres Hombres, of voor elk bedrijf die iets vervoert, door de overstap te maken naar zeilschepen. Het is ook mogelijk om mee te varen. Meer informatie op:

Kapitein Jorne Langelaan

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