Our 1920’s schooner Avontuur will set her sails from Germany to Australia where we’ll set up a permanent trading route in the South Pacific. She will take cargoes to all destinations in between.

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Timbercoast was founded out the necessity to take action.  On a trip of a lifetime though the Great Barrier Reef, my son and I were astounded by the deterioration of Australia’s ocean jewel.  Time continues to pass and greed is mislabeled as green, we were struck by the intuitive responsibility to fight against the exploitation of the reef.

After spending decades operating my own marine services company, I knew sailing would be part of the solution.  Originally we thought a day passenger sailing ship was the answer until the idea struck with the arrival of my personal belongings by shipping container.  Things quickly accelerated, we found a cargo sailing ship and stumbled across three Dutchmen doing just that.    We were inspired from watching the Tres Hombres videos and seeing the international embracement of their vision was enthralling.  We were convinced, if we were going to make a real difference we needed to merge the relationship between trade and environmental preservation.  For this reason we are excited about partnering with Tres Hombres and the Fairtransport team in pursuit of these common values.

We are currently rebuilding our cargo sailing ship, the Avontuur, in Germany and plan to depart for Australia in the autumn of 2015.  Joining forces and presenting a unified front with Fairtransport is greatly beneficial both for sustainable sea shipping and the development of Timbercoast.


The team

The team

The Avontuur is being refitted by Timbercoast; a team of people who have come together from various professional backgrounds, united by the conviction that the world is at a point where immediate action is required.

Fairtransport is working together with them to organize cargo’s, trainees and crew.

specifications avontuur

Specifications Avontuur

Length overall 44 metres
Beam 6 metres
Draught 2.10 metres
65 tonnes
535 M2 canvas
Crew 5
Trainees 8
Cargo capacity 70 tonnes

Official Timbercoast Logbook and website

Sailing route..

Avontuur will be sailing from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, through the Panama Canal and further across the entire Pacific Ocean and the South Sea Isles all the way to Australia where we will offer liner services.

Schedule for 2017 coming soon

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