Nordlys en Tres Hombres aanwezig tijdens Sail Den Helder

Nordlys en Tres Hombres aanwezig tijdens Sail Den Helder

Sail Den Helder is met het decor van de internationale Tall Ships dit jaar het grootste publieksevenement van Noord-Holland. Een prachtig nautisch evenement van 22 tot en met 25 juni, waarbij 400.000 bezoekers worden verwacht.
De kades zullen propvol prachtige schepen liggen waaronder natuurlijk de Nordlys en Tres Hombres welke hun thuishaven in Den Helder hebben.

De motorloze ketch “Nordlys” onder beheer van Fairtransport Shipping is mogelijk het oudste zeilende vrachtschip (1873) ter wereld. Nordlys is actief in de Europese kustwateren en kan maximaal 30 ton in haar ruim kwijt.
Het voornaamste doel van Fairtransport is om vracht emissie vrij te varen, met als doel het verschepen van biologische of traditionele producten – zoals Olijfolie, Wijn, Koffie, Chocolade en Rum. Daarnaast willen we mensen bewustmaken van de enorme hoeveelheden vervuiling die door de moderne scheepvaart wordt veroorzaakt.

Op 23 en 24 juni van 19.00 – 21.00 uur kunt u kennis maken met onze exclusieve Tres Hombres rum. Het unieke karakter van de rum ontstaat door jarenlange rijping in eikenhouten vaten, om vervolgens tijdens de lange zeereis onder invloed van de zilte lucht en de constante deining van de zee nog een extra smaakdimensie mee te krijgen.
Tijdens deze avonden wordt u ontvangen door kapitein Arjen van der Veen. Arjen zal tijdens een korte lezing vertellen over de unieke reizen die de bemanning en rum van de ‘Tres Hombres’ ieder jaar weer maken.
Voor de Tres Hombres rum tasting vragen wij een vergoeding van €19,95 Graag van tevoren reserveren via

De trossen los met Fairtransport tijdens

Beleef Texel aan boord van de Tres Hombres

Beleef Texel aan boord van de Tres Hombres

Sinds lange tijd meert  het zeilende vrachtschip Tres Hombres weer aan in Oudeschild. Vanuit Eyemouth Schotland zeilen we rechtstreeks door naar Texel om vaten gin van stokerij Texel te laden. De vaten zullen met paard en wagen naar de haven gebracht worden om vervolgens door sterke zeemannen het ruim in getild te worden.
De vaten gaan mee met de Tres Hombres over de oceaan en terug voor een unieke uitgebalanceerde smaak. Terug naar de toekomst met Fairtransport!

Bezichtig het schip en ontmoet de kapitein en crew
Op 17, 18 en 19 juni rollen wij overdag onze loopplank uit en is iedereen welkom om de Tres Hombres te komen bezichtigen. De kapitein en bemanning zijn aanwezig om te vertellen over avontuurlijke zeemijlen, waarbij ze rum en specerijen verschepen van de Caribbean naar Nederland. Slechts onder zeil want het schip heeft geen motor. In haar kielzog geen schadelijke uitstoot, alleen de wind.

Tres Hombres rum tasting en een lezing door kapitein Arjen van der Veen
Op 17, 18 en 19 juni van 19.00 – 21.00 uur kunt u kennis maken met onze exclusieve Tres Hombres rum. Het unieke karakter van de rum ontstaat door jarenlange rijping in eikenhouten vaten, om vervolgens tijdens de lange zeereis onder invloed van de zilte lucht en de constante deining van de zee nog een extra smaakdimensie mee te krijgen. De rum wordt pas bij aankomst in Nederland met de hand gebotteld.
Tijdens deze avonden wordt u ontvangen door kapitein Arjen van der Veen. Arjen zal tijdens een korte lezing vertellen over de unieke reizen die de bemanning en rum van de ‘Tres Hombres’ ieder jaar weer maken.
Voor de Tres Hombres rum tasting vragen wij een vergoeding van €19,95 voor de onderhoud van ons schip.
Graag van tevoren aanmelden via

Dagtocht van Texel naar Den Helder
Op 20 juni om 8.00 uur hijsen wij met vereende krachten de zeilen en laten we Oudeschild weer achter ons. U kunt tijdens deze dag aan boord stappen, het roer in handen nemen, de zeilen laten vieren of gewoon van het uitzicht genieten. U zeilt door een heus Unesco werelderfgoed, de Waddenzee. Om 16.00 uur meren we weer aan in Den Helder op loopafstand van de Teso boot.
Voor deze zeiltocht vragen wij een vergoeding van €50,- voor de onderhoud van ons schip. De dagtocht is inclusief een overheerlijke lunch. Graag van tevoren reserveren via

Tres Hombres blog: Fast furious or Rasta rocket ?

Tres Hombres blog: Fast furious or Rasta rocket ?

For 2 days we saw our Tres going fast without outerjib, bobs and royal sailing closed haul. All safety nets and safety lines are in place, the automatic deck wash was done in the morning with waves and always nothing in the bilges.
Keep your body in balance, hold on as much as you can and walk windward side… Rules, redeem and tasks can be annoying but you understand quickly why this is exist after your first artistic twisted slide magic flip. Crew stayed aware and gave in the warm galley all jokes what they have, all creativity for making little animals with the sourdough, enjoying to furl sails on the bow sprit…
Now, in the same world, mother nature saying relax women and men. Sun on the skin, books in hands, butterflies in the heads, real and psychedelics drawings are done with the melody of guitar… Our bird wearing 11 wings, sailing broad reach, a little taste of Atlantic crossing.
We shared opinions about the new mustard yellow paint and then anyway there is no more old sunny duck yellow paint and we are just happy to see the lady feeling good after years of travels even we were stick on the wet paint at the dinner time when you are arriving sleepy for watch change… Hahaha. Of course many things has to be refresh during the next refit.
First :let’s go slowly to rum tasting in Texel and Sail Den Helder…

Anne-Flore second mate

Tres Hombres blog: One hand for the risotto

Tres Hombres blog: One hand for the risotto

Finally back at sea. After one long week in the harbor of Newcastle, waiting for 4cm2 to arrive. We’re finally a sailing ship again, instead of a living boat. And I am a ships cook, finally. I still had the feeling I had to prove myself as a real ships cook, because up until this point we were either sailing with very little wind or not sailing at all. I had plenty of time to spoil the crew with home made mayonnaise, union chutney or galley smoked mackerel. Now I need almost all my energy to keep standing behind the stove and peeling an onion takes so much effort. The waves smash spectacular over the bow and water streams now and then in front of my opened galley door. The water in the bucket under the tab gets over the side all the way over the wood and down by the oven. Clearly time to empty that thing. Cooking at sea is something completely different. This thing I love to do the most in normal life gets a whole new meaning on this ship. Somehow it feels extremely unnatural to start cooking at this place.

Being outside, looking at the waves rising as mountains and the always changing color of the water, or even climbing on the bow sprit to furl a sail, makes sense in this situation. But cooking is something that doesn’t belong here. Eating on the other hand is so important. You have to keep eating to feel fit and focussed. And as I know from all the places where I have cooked, food is from big influence on peoples mood. So I also enjoy to take care of everyone. To surprise them with something new and to have them here in the galley, cosy squeezed together, out of the wind for a moment. When I’m not too much occupied with my own wellbeing, I love to watch them, changing. Getting more brown or more tired, more quit. Hair getting mixed up and beards growing longer. I love to see them being eager to learn this new way of sourdough bread baking. They’re part of being involved in the galley life. Because it’s a whole other world.

When I sometimes help outside to set a sail, I can feel that other life, the excitement. Constant wind, cooping with the movements but in a more natural way. The ship works together with the sea and being outside you are able to anticipate on that. Your energy can float away, over the waves, up in the sky. Your thoughts can wonder away, into the sails. Here in the galley I can see the sea through the open door, shining like a silver jewelry because of the reflecting sunlight. But meanwhile I have to focus. I have to bundle my energy in order to create something new. I have to prevent the pots from running away from me, all those objects that don’t seem to belong at this place. Cups want to stand next to each other on a shelve. Chickpeas want to rest in piece for 24 hours in the water instead of jumping in and out the pot. Unnatural it all feels somehow to me, but yet so important. The meals are a moment of rest for the crew, regaining energy, meeting each other. Food has its function in this bigger picture instead of being something on its own looked at by the eye of a perfectionist, being me in most cases. I have to get used to that.

Maybe my thoughts about food are not easy to follow. Main point is that I experience some development. Within this clue less voyage, things are slightly changing. There is no goal, we’re not going anywhere. And so many things are the same every day.
But maybe because of that I can feel the little changes that are so big at the same time. The sea looks different every day, the wind feels different and the sun too. The people are different and I am different. No hour feels the same. My mind teases me now and then, for example when a gust of seasickness reaches me when I step into the galley.
But it’s also enchanting somehow to be at this place. It is a rich place for self inquiry and a continuing study of the group process. The whole month feels as a goal less gathering of moments but meanwhile the time continues without mercy and people get hungry again. My job goes on and on and on and after all, all these goal less moments become one, and they become my first experience on the Tres Hombres.
I do things I’ve never done before and one of these clue less things happens to be an adventure in the end. I learned to catch fish, got a bucket on my head, poured porridge while blocking myself with hands and feet between the mast and door and I got 23 mackerels from a fisherman I met in the laundry room.

The chickpeas are well behaving in the boiling water now. If the wind and the waves decrease a bit I can make risotto tonight. But with this movement I’m not going to stir for one hour.
Of course I wonder sometimes if this is something I could love. My father loved sailing and he would have loved to see me here. Here on the ship I see the real sailors as well, living for this feeling, feeling more at home than anywhere else.
But feeling me a sailor is something still far away, I don’t even know if it’s possible when you’re the cook. It’s a role so important and yet so different. But maybe I can manage to feel as a real ships cook then. Even already a bit after this month.
One hand for the ship, one hand for me and one hand for the risotto.

Ships cook

AUCTION: 10th anniversary TRES HOMBRES RUM edition signed by our captains

AUCTION: 10th anniversary TRES HOMBRES RUM edition signed by our captains

Our rumrunner Tres Hombres (1943) needs a thorough refit so that we can ship our finest rum and other precious goods emission free in the future. To achieve this goal you can support us:
The entire sum  you’ll pay for this amazing rum will be donated to sailing cargo ship Tres Hombres.

Captains Andreas Lackner, Jorne Langelaan and Arjen van der Veen are proudly presenting you this full bodied cask strength rum that is special chosen to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of our company Fairtransport importing the finest sail shipped rum since 2010.

The Fairtransport Tres Hombres 10 years anniversary rum ‘Aged at Sea’ 65% vol.

Master blender Santi made this blend of the best Aldea rums from the past decades. The result is a 22 year old rum of the finest tastes of the unique flavours of ‘isla Bonita’ La Palma, de Canarias. Shipped around the Atlantic Ocean, this rum has the unique experience to be ‘aged at sea’ onboard our good ship Tres Hombres in two 50 liter French oak barrels along with a exotic cargo of cocoa beans, green bean coffee, barrels of Tres Hombres rum, barrels of wine and 500 liter olive oil.

It is the prime intention of Fairtransport to sail cargo emission free, with a focus on transporting special products which are organic, or crafted traditionally – such as Olive Oil, Wine, coffee, chocolate and Rum. In addition, to raise awareness about the huge amounts of pollution created by the modern shipping industry and affect positive change in the way goods are shipped around the world.


Tres Hombres blog: Put on your traveller shoes…..

Tres Hombres blog: Put on your traveller shoes…..

Put on your traveller shoes…
Some people said: the crew is becoming positively mad with this very low wind, rolling boat, waiting for the breeze , I would say: here we are ”no mad”.
With the ink of my pencil , I am writing this few lines, as for stopping the time, tell to myself what I feel and what is revealing itself. Put on the paper revealing dreams taken from a slowdowned motion for a little moment. Over there I should waiting for a bus, running after a furious cat, research a hidden rat, bring it back a car somewhere else, disturbing under way by hazards. Any stories and her components in my dreams can be transposed here and now, most of the time it is coincidence.

Here it is a ship, a ship who is giving to you an answer when she wants, because of her character. Since a couple of days, our hull doesn’t want to go to Eyemouth and she has an ally: the weather. As she knows in advance that, this goal is useless to reach. You know, one of the Tres Hombres cooks told me: the voyage that we are doing is in an unconscious agreement with the energy of the ”driver”. If certain people find out a message on it, listen to it and to go hand in hand. Some others don’t find out, are not here and forget themselves.
When you are joined to the ship and merge, ours hands grabbing, with a salty wild mood, the rough infinite ropes which give hard skin, brown with the sun and tar, shiny with linseed oil.
I mean everything is connecting and reacting together: one side you’re easing, the other side you tighten. Everywhere it’s triangulation, balance. Body and boat there are no places which are forgotten to avoid breaking stuff, breaking body; you’re trying to be aware. Funny to see on deck people looking to the sky 20 m higher to find THE good rope, this one you have in you’re hand.

This morning at 5 ocloc’k I would like to share this hot chocolate then I choose to be cosy in nest of sails during the anchor watch. On the horizon the fire from the sun rises and is born. Behind, waves rumble gently on the beach, from below comes the smell of the bread browning in the oven and all around a cobweb of halyards, sheets ready to be set.
What a black beauty with her red heart, round welcoming shape and sharp stem post. I appropriate this ship a little and then she takes me with all her soul. In conscience of a sharing happiness birds are laughing, dolphins jumping high and a whale turned around us. When I am here I feel reassured, I am at home.
Something unique on board is we are all strangers for few days in the beginning and quickly becoming a team and we are recognizing each ocher for ever.

See you then…..

ps: That’s it, I commanded my first tacking without captain.

second mate Anne-Flore Gannat

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